Airbus H125 crew seats

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


This project included Generation Global manufacturing aftermarket crew seat covers for an Airbus H125 helicopter. These were fitted up and delivered ready for installation by the client. These parts were supplied with certified design data and a CASA EO for installation approval. Click here to see our H125 interior parts on our online shop.


The seats were manufactured from aviation leather and the design has used a two-tone effect with dark and light tones of grey. The light grey leather is Titanium (ADI-1231) which was used on the centre inserts and the darker grey leather is Charcoal (ADI-1121) which was used on the remainder of the cover. The decorative stitching was matched to the leather colour.

The H125 logo has been embossed into the leather below the headrest which is the first time that we have used this new logo. The dies are made out of steel and need to be taken from a high-quality image. The die is a two-part tool comprising of a positive and negative part. The die is heated and then pressed into the leather for a specified period of time which sears the logo into the leather grain, leaving a smooth indent.


The client is based in Queensland, Australia where they use helicopters to provide a wide array of services, predominantly in the agricultural market. Heli mustering is one of the services they provide as this region is large in beef production. The client has a wide array of helicopters from Huey UH-1H to EC130’s and Bell 407.

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