BAE J31/32 Aisle Carpet set

404.45 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description: Manufactured using lightweight MH-10 aviation carpet and edged with matching nylon serging. Select from 3 popular colours to contrast or complement your interior. Manufacture is from drawings which require verifying by airlines before manufacture. Custom designs and changes can be accommodated. Carpet sections supplied are for the aisle only. For supply of parts of sets or custom requirements please contact us by product enquiry and list the parts required or custom requirements. Easy install with own TS-100 carpet tape. Carpet tape is sold separately.

Assembly Materials: Manufactured from lightweight MH-10 aviation carpet and edged with matching nylon serging.

Design Approval: EASA, TCCA, FAA accepted.

Complies with: FAR 25.853 AppF, pt I,(a)(1)(ii)

Qty: Per Aisle set

  • Carpet Colors AB3361-003B Navy Blue
  • Carpet Colors ABEAM-789 Slate
  • Carpet Colors FLY-BY-WIRE-789 Overcast
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