Beech 1900 Crew Seat Assy

2155.00 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description:  Crew Seat Assys, Pilot and Co-Pilot, Covers and Cushions

Assembly Materials: Covers made from New Zealand short-wool sheepskin faces with aviation leather side borders and foam cushions made from Genlite high comfort foam. 

Part Numbers:

Headrest Cushion: 2 X EPA-101-530192-3-GEN

Headrest Cover: 2 X EPA-101-530192-2-GEN

Backrest Cushion: 2 X EPA-101-530237-1-GEN

Backrest Cover: 2 X EPA-101-530190-3-GEN

Backrest Cover, Pan: 2 X EPA-101-530713-()-GEN

Bottom Cushion: 2 X EPA-101-530234-()-GEN

Bottom Cover: 2 X EPA-101-530190-()-GEN

Armrest Cover: 2 X EPA-101-531038-1-GEN

Fitting Required: Yes, covers and cushions are supplied only, these will need to be fitted to the existing seat structure. (the photo shown is of an already fitted seat).

Aircraft Eligibility: Beech 1900C/D

Design Approval: EASA, TCCA, FAA approved

Complies with:  CFR 14 25.853(a)

Qty: 2 x seat assy's; Pilot and Co-Pilot - Headrest, Backrest and Bottom Covers and Cushions, Armrest Leather Covers

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