C152 Door Armrests & Pull Handles

164.45 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description: 2 x Door Armrests and 2 x Door Pull handles with decorative stitching - choose your colour to complement or contrast your interior. The decorative stitching will be matched to the leather colour unless specified in the comments tab below. If a seating kit is getting purchased as well, we would recommend the stitching colour of the armrests and pull handles be the same as the stitching colour on the seats.

Assembly Materials: The armrests and pull handles are manufactured using high quality aviation leather with ABS plastic board and high density foam providing comfort on the armrest. The armrest is attached using hook and loop velcro fastener. There are many variations of the armrest shape - to get the product right this will need to be verified with dimensions supplied by the customer.

Part Numbers: Armrests: EPA-0415022-()-GEN

                     Pull Handles: EPA-S1685-3-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility: C152

Complies with:    CFR 14 23.853(a),

Qty: Per aircraft set - 2 door armrests and 2 pull handles

  • Leather Colors Ancient Grey 1151
  • Leather Colors Black 1091
  • Leather Colors Charcol Grey 1121
  • Leather Colors Chestnut 4121
  • Leather Colors Chocolate 4181
  • Leather Colors Dark Beige 4081
  • Leather Colors Dark Red 3021
  • Leather Colors Henna 4131
  • Leather Colors Lead Grey 1111
  • Leather Colors Light Beige 4061
  • Leather Colors Navy Blue 2021
  • Leather Colors Nougat Brown 4191
  • Leather Colors Red 3011
  • Leather Colors Royal Blue 2031
  • Leather Colors Rye Beige 4221
  • Leather Colors Saddle Brown 4111
  • Leather Colors Sand 4041
  • Leather Colors Titanium Grey 1231
  • Leather Colors White 1021
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