C177RG Carpet Set

£861.54 (GBP) (excludes TAX)

Description: Carpets, Full Set. Upgrade the look in your Cessna with a plush pile carpet set. A variety of colours is available for selection and frosted perspex heelmats are included. Put your model and aircraft serial # in the product options below so we can manufacture the correct carpet set for your aircraft. Verification off drawings and/or photos may also be required depending on the model.

Assembly Materials: Manufactured using plush WN-120 aviation carpet, with removable perspex heelmats, and edged with matching mesh binding. Easy install with velcro attachments. Underlay is an optional extra. NOTE: Loop velcro is attached to the carpet set supplied, if you require hook velcro for the airframe, please select this option in the product details tabs below.

Part Number(s): 20150()()-()-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility: Cessna C177RG

Installation Required: Yes

Complies with:   CFR 14 23.853(a)

Lead times:

Production - Approx 2 weeks

Shipping - Approx 7-10 days (Air Freight)

Qty: Per shipset

  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Blackcity
  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Blueshadow
  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Kirsh
  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Mirage
  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Peat
  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Shoreline
  • Carpet Colors Genflor WN-120 Zimmer
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