Charcoal Quick-ship Interior Kit, R22 Series

1249.35 (EUR) (excludes TAX)
- Seat Assemblies, Charcoal 1121 (qty 2)
- Carpet Set, Zimmer (qty 1)
- Headlining/Bulkhead Set, Graphite HL-105 (qty 1)
- Collective Boot, Black (qty 2)
- Cyclic Boot, Black (qty 1)
- Front Seat Pockets, Black (qty 2)
- Free shipping
- Dispatch within 2 weeks
- Globally accepted certification

Seat AssembliesGeneration ll design covers manufactured from high quality aviation leather & cushioning is manufactured from Genlite high comfort foam. The backrest has an R22 logo hot stamped into the leather. Parts supplied include Backrest & Bottom Covers & Cushions. (Excludes composite seatpans, metal retainers and hinges).

Carpet Assembly: Manufactured using plush TS-30 aviation carpet, with Perspex heelmats, and edged with matching mesh binding.

Headlining Assembly: Parts include the Headlining and Bulkhead. Parts are manufactured using OEM style fabric laminated onto bulkhead and headlining foam panels.

Boots & Pockets: Parts are manufactured from hard wearing black aviation leather.

Aircraft Eligibility: R22


Other notes: Shipping is approx 7-10 days (Air Freight), Installation is required. Design Approval includes EASA Part 21J Approval (R4407-APF01) - accepted by FAA/TCCA, CASA EO Approval (ESE-R44-25-002) and New Zealand Form 337 Approval (SA7999-01-01-COA).

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