Custom Interior, Full Kit, R22 Series

1713.88 (EUR) (excludes TAX)
- Seat Assemblies (qty 2)
- Carpet Set (qty 1)
- Headlining/Bulkhead Set (qty 1)
- Door Inserts (qty 2)
- Collective Boot (qty 2)
- Cyclic Boot (qty 1)
- Front Seat Pockets (qty 2)
- Free shipping
- Dispatch within 4 weeks
- Globally accepted certification

Seat AssembliesGeneration ll design covers manufactured from high quality aviation leather & cushioning is manufactured from Genlite high comfort foam. The backrest has an R22 logo hot stamped into the leather. Parts supplied include Backrest & Bottom Covers & Cushions. (Excludes composite seatpans, metal retainers and hinges).

Carpet Assembly: Manufactured using plush TS-30 aviation carpet, with Perspex heelmats, and edged with matching mesh binding.

Headlining Assembly: Parts include the Headlining and Bulkhead. Parts are manufactured using OEM style fabric laminated onto bulkhead and headlining foam panels.

Door Inserts: Manufactured from ABS plastic and covered in high quality aviation leather with decorative stitching and high density foam backing. Document pockets are fitted in the two rear doors and the front RH door panel. Unless notified otherwise, decorative stitching colour will be the same as the stiching colour on the seats.

Boots & Pockets: Parts are manufactured from hard wearing black aviation leather.

Aircraft Eligibility: R22

Other notes: Installation is required. Design Approval includes EASA Part 21J Approval (R4407-APF01) - accepted by FAA/TCCA, CASA EO Approval (ESE-R44-25-002) and New Zealand Form 337 Approval (SA7999-01-01-COA).

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  • Centre Insert Option SA009 Double Honeygrid
  • Centre Insert Option SA007 Honeygrid Large
  • Centre Insert Option SA010 Curve Honeygrid
  • Centre Insert Option SA011 Curve
  • Centre Insert Option SA001 Diamond
  • Centre Insert Option SA019 4 Line Design
  • Centre Insert Option SA020 S Design
  • Centre Insert Option SA021 X Diamond Large
  • Centre Insert Option SA005 Double Diamond
  • Centre Insert Option SA006 Small Diamond
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