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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

J Class Seating.

The Generation Global team recently managed the installation of another shipset of Embraer 175 Pax seat covers in Nashville, TN, USA. Specializing in Embraer 170/190 pax seating, Generation Global offers certification packages for a broad range of seat part numbers. The Y class seats commonly used in Embraer 170/190 aircraft predominantly feature the C&D Zodiac 412020()()-1()() & 411920()()-10() double seat series, comprising bottom cushions, backrest cushions, headrests, & pockets.



Synthetic Materials.

These seats utilize Tapis Promessa, a high-performance synthetic material known for its durability and quality. Promessa weighs 11.5 oz/y2 (390 g/m2) and has a Martindale wear test rating of 180,000 rubs. Over the past decade, Generation Global has been involved in a move among many USA airlines shifting from leather to synthetic materials. This transition is driven by factors such as enhanced production efficiency, product consistency, weight reduction, and easier maintenance. While synthetics were previously disregarded, recent technological advancements have addressed many of the concerns that once hindered their widespread adoption.

Laminated Covers.

Over the past decade, laminated seat covers have emerged as a notable trend in the airline industry. While already established in the automotive sector for many years, laminated seat covers have gained traction in aviation, benefitting from the automotive industry's extensive research and development resources. Lamination is a process where the cover material is laminated to the backing foam layer using a process of adhesives, heat and pressure. This forms the two materials into one bonded material and is typically used on the seat cover faces. Typically applied to seat cover faces, lamination offers a sleek, wrinkle-free appearance and adds a plush feel to the material, making it a favored technology for airline seating.


Generation Global offers a wide range of perforation options. Perforation adds texture and visual interest to any interior. It can also help reduce the weight of the interior, which contributes to fuel efficiency and aircraft performance.


Armrests are well used parts and often need refurbishment. The arm-cap is a highly visual part of the seat, taking front view and center attention as the passenger gazes around at their surroundings. Worn armrests can give a poor impression and need to be maintained regularly. Generation Global provide certified refurbishment kits to allow airlines to wrap the parts as required.


The interior design is certified under an EASA PMA approval, permitting the fitting of new dress covers onto the OEM cushions. Generation Global produces these parts under our EASA Part 21G production approval and supplies them with an EASA Form 1 release certificate, equivalent to an FAA 8130. Additionally, Generation Global offers FAA design approval documentation upon request by the airline.

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