Luggage Locker, Liner Assy

345.79 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description: Rear Luggage Locker Linings

Assembly Materials: Manufactured using a low maintenance durable unbacked carpet. Easy install with velcro attachments.

Colour: New Flint

Part NumbersGEN-1101-16-260

Aircraft Eligibility: H125/AS350 B/B1/B2/B3/BA/D

Installation Required: Yes

Design Approval: 

EASA Part 21J Approval (35086-APF01) - accepted by FAA/TCCA

CASA EO Approval (ESE-AS350-25-015)

New Zealand Form 337 Approval (SA8601-01-01-COA)

Qty: 1 Assy

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