MD 600 Seat Upholstery Assys

5580.44 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description: 2 Front Seat Backrest & Bottom Assemblies, 3 mid-bench Backrest & Bottom Seat Assemblies, 2 Rear Backrest & Bottom Assemblies

Assembly Materials: Covers in high quality aviation leather & cushioning in Genlite high comfort foam.

Features: Front seats and mid-bench seats are supplied as fitted squabs with velcro attachments, and rear seats are supplied as a cover/cushion assembly ready to be slipped onto the seat frame (not supplied). Covers have been designed so minimal fitting and manipulation is required for a perfect fit.

Part Number: GEN-369H6556-XXX

Complies with:   CFR 14 27.853(a)

Qty: 2 Front Seats, 3 mid-bench seats, 2 rear seats

  • Leather Colors Ancient Grey 1151
  • Leather Colors Black 1091
  • Leather Colors Charcol Grey 1121
  • Leather Colors Chestnut 4121
  • Leather Colors Chocolate 4181
  • Leather Colors Dark Beige 4081
  • Leather Colors Dark Red 3021
  • Leather Colors Henna 4131
  • Leather Colors Lead Grey 1111
  • Leather Colors Light Beige 4061
  • Leather Colors Navy Blue 2021
  • Leather Colors Nougat Brown 4191
  • Leather Colors Red 3011
  • Leather Colors Royal Blue 2031
  • Leather Colors Rye Beige 4221
  • Leather Colors Saddle Brown 4111
  • Leather Colors Sand 4041
  • Leather Colors Titanium Grey 1231
  • Leather Colors White 1021
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  • Centre Insert Option SA009 Double Honeygrid
  • Centre Insert Option SA007 Honeygrid Large
  • Centre Insert Option SA010 Curve Honeygrid
  • Centre Insert Option SA011 Curve
  • Centre Insert Option SA001 Diamond
  • Centre Insert Option SA019 4 Line Design
  • Centre Insert Option SA020 S Design
  • Centre Insert Option SA021 X Diamond Large
  • Centre Insert Option SA005 Double Diamond
  • Centre Insert Option SA006 Small Diamond
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  • Logo Options Emboss In
  • Logo Options Embroidery MD
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