PA-28 Suspended Headlining

443.65 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description: Foam backed suspended headlining - choose your own fabric colour to give your ceiling a new lease of life. Includes an access zip for easy inspection. Headlining bows are not supplied - the existing bows are reused when fitting the new headlining.

Assembly Materials: Polyester knit fabric with a 3mm medium-firm foam backing.

Installation Required: Yes - fabric is supplied as sewn panels with pockets for inserting the headlining bows into. The headlining assembly will need to be fitted to the aircraft as per the previous headlining

Aircraft Eligibility: PA-28-181/236

Installation Required: Yes

Complies with:   CFR 14 23.853(a)

QTY: 1 headlining assembly

  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-100 Light Grey
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-102 Beige
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-105 Light Graphite
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-108 Grey
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-109 Black
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