Pilot/Co-Pilot Sheepskin Seat Upholstery

1071.82 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description:  Pilot/Co-Pilot Seat Upholstery Assy (Covers, Cushions, Armrest Covers, Rear shell cover/pocket). 

Assembly Materials: Rear shell pocket/cover, and armrest covers made from aviation leather. Seat covers made from NZ sheepskin with aviation leather side borders and a high comfort foam cushion. Note: Sheepskin colour will be selected to match the chosen leather colour.  

Part Number: EPA-2614()()()-()-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility: Cessna 208

Complies with:   CFR 14 23.853(a) 

Qty: 1 seat

  • Leather Colors Ancient Grey 1151
  • Leather Colors Black 1091
  • Leather Colors Charcol Grey 1121
  • Leather Colors Chocolate 4181
  • Leather Colors Dark Beige 4081
  • Leather Colors Lead Grey 1111
  • Leather Colors Light Beige 4061
  • Leather Colors Navy Blue 2021
  • Leather Colors Nougat Brown 4191
  • Leather Colors Saddle Brown 4111
  • Leather Colors Titanium Grey 1231
  • Leather Colors White 1021
  • * Required field. ** Stock leather range. Choosing non stock leather may affect lead times and pricing.
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