Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee

Monday, November 14, 2022


For this project, Generation Global’s team completely refurbished the interior of a Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee. Our team worked on the floor coverings, ceiling linings, and everything in between. Plastic parts were repaired and new parts supplied as needed. All interior parts used for this refurbishment are available on the Generation Global website.


Much of the interior was finished in colour Ancient Grey (ADI-1151), which was complemented by blue accents on places such as the seat backs. Floor coverings were supplied in colour Zimmer carpet, adding a complementing but darker tone than the leather used on the seat and sidewall upholstery. The headlining was made from colour titanium velour fabric, while the surrounding plastics were wrapped in grey vinyl material.


Each seat frame was stripped back to its metal frame and repainted. Our team fitted new tensioned diaphragms to the frame and new foam cushioning. The seat dress covers were made from ancient grey leather and were stitched with blue stitching, which complemented the 50mm panel of blue leather on each seat back. The leather seat inserts were perforated with SP1 perforation. Each panel is edged with blue piping on its top and bottom edges. As a final touch, we embossed the Piper logo on the upper portion of each seat back.


The floor coverings installed were a plush cut pile carpet with heel mats and edges overlocked in a complementary colour. All side panels were wrapped in the same ancient grey leather we used on the seat upholstery, while the same colour Zimmer carpet was used to cover the lower parts of each sidewall. The sidewalls also feature pockets and refurbished armrests with matching leather padded tops. The plastics in the cabin were wrapped to match the headlining.


Other parts our team installed included new door draught excluders and refurbished control yokes. The draught extruder was made from ebony vinyl, which worked well with the overall color theme. The control yoke hand grips were wrapped with a black perforated leather and a new Piper badge fitted to the centre of the yokes.

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