R44 Headlining - Ceiling Panels Only

$511.83 (CAD) (excludes TAX)

Description: R44 Headlining - Ceiling Panels Only

Assembly Materials: Manufactured using OEM style fabric laminated onto ceiling foam panels. Choose a fabric colour to complement your interior. Select from options below if your machine has hand hold cut-outs.

NOTE: This product excludes the bulkhead panel - for the full assy including the bulkhead, click here

OEM Assy Part NumbersC003-()()

Aircraft Eligibility: R44

Installation Required: Yes

Design Approval: 

EASA Part 21J Approval (R4407-APF01) - accepted by FAA/TCCA

CASA EO Approval (ESE-R44-25-002)

New Zealand Form 337 Approval (SA7999-01-01-COA)

Lead times:

Production - Approx 2 weeks

Shipping - Approx 7-10 days (Air Freight)

Qty: 1 Assy - 4 ceiling panels (excludes bulkead panel)

  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-100 Light Grey
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-101 Mako
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-102 Beige
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-103 Ivory TX
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-104 Black TX
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-105 Light Graphite
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-106 Neutral
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-107 Shale
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-108 Grey
  • Headlining Colors Geneva HL-109 Black
  • * Required field. ** Stock headlining range. Choosing non stock headlining may affect lead times and pricing.
  • * Required field. ** Stock headlining hand hold cut-outs range. Choosing non stock headlining hand hold cut-outs may affect lead times and pricing.
  • * Required field. ** Stock certification required range. Choosing non stock certification required may affect lead times and pricing.
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