Schweitzer 269 seat upholstery and floor coverings

Wednesday, May 24, 2023


This Schweitzer 269 interior project was for a client in the United Kingdom. The scope included new seat upholstery and floor coverings. The parts are available for purchase on the Generation Global website.


The Schweitzer 269 interior has three seats across the cabin, made up of pilot and co-pilot seats plus a center dickie seat for a 3rd occupant. The seat assembly includes the composite shell on the back of the cushions. Generation Global supplied and fitted new Genlite foam cushions and leather dress covers. The seat covers are made using lead grey leather (ADI-1111) with matching stitching.

The Schweitzer logo is embroidered in silver stitching on the upper back section of the seats. The seat cover design has two horizontal double stitching lines on the inserts of the backrest and bottom cushion. The composite seat shells are shaped to fit the contour of the helicopter bulkhead.

The vinyl flooring supplied comes with a single large vinyl floor section and two lower wall carpet sections. The two carpet sections are attached to the vertical face of the pedestal below the seats.


Both the flooring and the carpet sections are edged with a mesh binding in a matching color. The mesh edging protects the edges of the vinyl and stops the carpets from fraying. The carpet in the flooring set was Zimmer carpet (WN-120) and the vinyl flooring was heavy-duty black flooring (MW-200) with a raised coin finish.

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