A Red and Black Hughes 369D Interior

Friday, October 27, 2023


This project included supplying a new interior for a Hughes 369D helicopter for a client in Alberta, Canada. The interior included seating, carpets, overcovers, pockets, and control boots. The interior color scheme was styled in black and red, which is picked up in different elements around the interior.


The seating in the helicopter was the 3-place forward bench seat and the aft Generation I bench seat with a split backrest. The seat covers were made using black leather (ADI-1091) with inserts in red leather (ADI-3011). The decorative stitching on the seat upholstery included red thread and the inserts featured three vertical stitch lines of to break up the panel.

The MD Helicopters logo was embossed into the leather on the upper backrest of the two forward outboard seats and also on the two backrests of the aft seats. Also supplied was a set of sheepskin overcovers for the pilot and copilot seats in the helicopter. These were made using black sheepskin, in keeping with the overall look.

The carpets in the helicopter were made using the black city carpet and were then edged with a red mesh binding.

The MD 500 cabin is divided by a bulkhead. On the back of the bulkhead opposite the aft seats is an indent with a pocket. These pockets were supplied to the client with the backing board ready to be fitted to the bulkhead. The pocket was made using black leather with red stitching and the backing panel was wrapped in matching leather.

The last finishing touch is the control boots, both the pilot and the co-pilot. These were made using a black synthetic stretchy fabric which gives the controls plenty of flexibility. The boots are shaped and also include black leather around the controls to provide reinforcement to this area of high wear.

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