Early Cessna Seat Upholstery

2623.84 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description:  Early Cessna Seat Upholstery Assys - 2 front seats, 1 rear bench seat - backrest & bottom covers, cushions and seat webbing.

Assembly Materials: Covers in high quality aviation leather, cushioning in Genlite high comfort foam, and seat webbing in durable, lightweight polyester fabric.

Features: The seat webbing is stretched over the existing frames, adhering with a contact adhesive.  Seat cushions are glued to the webbing/frame assembly, and finally the leather covers are fitted to the cushions.(Excludes supply of seat frames and contact adhesive). NOTE: There are variations of the seat frames and before we manufacture your covers, this will need to be verified by supplying photos of your current seating configuration. If the logo option is selected, this is only done on the front two seats unless requested otherwise.

Part Numbers:

Front Seat Assy (Tombstone Backrest) - EPA-0500103-400-GEN

Rear Bench Seat Assy (Flat Top) - EPA-0500103-500-GEN

Front Seat Assy - EPA-0700105-100-GEN

Rear Seat Assy - EPA-0700103-100-GEN

Aircraft Eligibility:

Cessna 170/A/B

Cessna 172/A/B/C

Cessna 180/A/B

Cessna 182/A/B/C/D

Installation Required: Yes, Upholstery only is supplied - this will need to be fitted to the existing seat frames.

Complies with:   CFR 14 23.853(a) 

Qty: 2 Front Seats, 1 Bench Seat - Backrest and Bottom covers, cushions, and seat webbing.

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  • Centre Insert Option SA021 X Diamond Large
  • Centre Insert Option SA005 Double Diamond
  • Centre Insert Option SA006 Small Diamond
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