Covid-19 Update

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Hello all,

These are unprecedented and unsettling times. We are thinking of you, your families and your staff.

Please be advised that Generation Global has Essential Business status in accordance with New Zealand Government guidelines whereby the company is recognised as a supplier and repair station of critical parts to the aerospace, aero-medical and air transport industries and operate a New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority Part 145 maintenance facility in Nelson, New Zealand.

We will continue to operate in a limited capacity with a reduced on-site staff. Non-essential administrative staff have been instructed to work from home. Our online shop is also still functioning and we are currently filling and shipping orders to the best of our ability.

For those that will be at the facility, every precaution is being taken to ensure the health and well-being of those employees including self-distancing.

We wish to update you as follows; Our Malaysian production facility was closed on the 18th of March for 2 weeks due to Government lockdown. We are in full support of the drastic measures our Governments are taking globally to contain this pandemic.

I want to reach out to all of you at this time, to let you know our team are safe and well.  Even though economic conditions will be tough, our company has a strong, healthy balance sheet, good Government support and we will use this time of restriction to focus on the care of our customers, improving systems and we plan to come out of this period stronger and better placed to serve our clients in the future. Generation Global are here for the long term.

At this time, I would personally welcome any calls if there is anything you wish to discuss or questions you would like answered. My cell number is +64-21-228-2765. We will be working from home and all phone calls will be transferred to our cell phones.

Thank you and keep safe.

Kind Regards,

John Hill

Chief Executive Officer

NZ: +643-548-4225 ext 8

USA: 714-485-2939 ext 8

Canada: 514-400-6589 ext 8

AUS: 1800-104-973 ext 8



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