Piper Seneca interior refurbishment

Monday, March 13, 2023


This project included the supply of a new interior for a client's Piper PA34 Seneca aircraft. The refurbishment of the Seneca included seating, headlining, floor coverings, sidewall linings, and other soft furnishings. These parts can be found on the Generation Global website in kit form for other Piper Seneca aircraft owners to refurbish their interiors.



The key components of the aircraft's interior were predominantly darker, with lead grey leather and ash grey carpet. All surfaces above the window height were white colored materials which make the cabin feel much bigger, and provide that feeling of spaciousness.



The styling of the seats in the aircraft was a simple design with no embellishments. The seat dress covers were made from lead grey leather with matching stitching. The seats in the aircraft also have new foam cushions and diaphragms fitted, bringing the seat up to new condition. The carpets in the aircraft are the Genflor ash grey carpet and had matching mesh binding on exposed areas and heel mats for the pilots.


The sidewall trim linings in the aircraft are made using microfibre leather in lead grey color with a feature line of double stitching running the length of the aircraft midway down the panel. The panels are stripped and then wrapped with the new coverings. Each seat has a wall-mounted armrest which is in leather and has padded on top. Between the two rear seats in the center, a console is located and wrapped in the lead grey micro leather as well.


The headlining in the aircraft as mentioned is made using white vinyl. The plastics in the aircraft have been painted to match the headlining tmaterial. Also provided were the curtains in the aircraft. The curtains are made using fabric, Zepel Convoy in the color snow. The curtain tracks are set into the window surround and the curtains are drawn from each side.

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