R44 Sheepskin Seat Overcovers

1666.31 (EUR) (excludes TAX)

Description: Sheepskin Seat Overcovers - 4 backrest and bottom covers.

Materials: Faces in high quality New Zealand Sheepskin, with hardwearing leather on the side borders. The sheepskin colour will be selected to match the leather colour chosen below.

Seat Cover Part Numbers: GEN-3201-22-11()()

Aircraft Eligibility: R44

Complies with:   FAR 27.853(a)

Qty: 1 set - 4 x backrest and bottom sheepskin covers.

  • Leather Colors Ancient Grey 1151
  • Leather Colors Black 1091
  • Leather Colors Charcol Grey 1121
  • Leather Colors Chocolate 4181
  • Leather Colors Dark Beige 4081
  • Leather Colors Lead Grey 1111
  • Leather Colors Light Beige 4061
  • Leather Colors Navy Blue 2021
  • Leather Colors Nougat Brown 4191
  • Leather Colors Saddle Brown 4111
  • Leather Colors Titanium Grey 1231
  • Leather Colors White 1021
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